I’m sure we all wish it weren’t necessary…: Toxic Clean-Up of our lives.  But, it is.  It is no secret we are bombarded with environmental hazards – many of which are out of our main control.   Effecting change takes COURAGE and it takes WORK.  Sure, we can write Congress, Petition, Picket, Get Involved and Start more “Movements”; all of which are viable and have merit with some very great outcomes.  Still, there are things we should focus on right around us and even on and in our bodies.  It is our direct Environmental Health.

That is the purpose of this site!  THE PART OF OUR HEALTH WE CAN CONTROL – WHAT WE HAVE DIRECT POWER TO CHANGE- CAN LEAD TO A MUCH MORE ENRICHED LIFE EXPERIENCE:  longevity, purpose, fulfillment and general well-being.

It is said, “You have nothing if you don’t have your health!”  As a heart patient I can tell you conclusively that you may have some things, but they can be much harder to enjoy when you are fighting illness in your body.  My husband, on the other hand, was just discharged from his diabetes meds after only 4 MONTHS of fabulous diet change.  There are ups and there are downs.  LIFE.

In the last several years, a few people in my family have been working on food-growing systems in their backyards.  Systems that were sometimes so ingeniously crafted I called them, “The Mouse Traps.”  For example, my husband uses SOLAR PANELS to power the pumps to the fish tank that supplies the nutrients for the grow beds of the greenhouse.

We are real as real can get.  We live our lives not unlike most American people.  We are a bit older, a bit weathered and battered, but now that we have spent time taking true stock of what is important, we are becoming more wise.

This Blog is an outcrop of what we have learned, are learning, and with others’ help, shall learn.

Come walk with us.